-More male nudity, please!-

In the past couple of months, I have seen the following ads:

1. The crack of a woman's butt underneath jeans advertising... I don't know what, it was in Chinese.
2. A row of women wearing nothing but their long hair, floppy hats and g-strings (the photo shows them from behind) advertising... g-strings.
3. A naked supposedly French woman with the sensitive bits censored advertising...French beer.
4. The silhouette of a naked woman advertising...a laptop.

Enough! We need men in various states of undress to counterbalance this. I need to set up my own media empire like Rupert Murdoch and start broadcasting and distributing nothing but male nudity. Who said male nudes were for gay men only? And men wonder why women can be neurotic about their appearance! I think it is totally understandable, especially when all you are faced with is 100 per cent. female perfection (in the eyes of a man, of course) and you don't have a counterbalancing display of men. I blame Coolidge too - did anyone bother to find out whether women feel the same sort of excitement/arousal/interest when a new man is around? I bet not.

Come on girls, let's check out some men! Men, if you feel misunderstood/whatever because of what I've written here, I suggest you stop ogling the next female form you come across. But I know that's not going to happen, so....you know, we need to redress the balance. Who says we're going to 'do' anything? We're just looking.

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