A natural wonder

I was sitting at my desk drafting something when a young trainee came into my office looking very excited.
"Look outside, there's a massive rainbow!" she exclaimed, so I looked.
Starting from the silver rooftops of the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre (the place where they performed the handover ceremony in 1997) a gigantic ribbon of colour was spreading up towards the sky to fade into the rain clouds above. It was at least as tall as the Bank of China Tower. Everyone on the opposite side of the office came into our corridor to marvel at this fantastic sight.
"Who would have thought the pot of gold was inside the Convention Centre all this time, eh?" I joked to the trainee who was still looking at the rainbow as if transfixed.

It was beautiful. Then it started to rain so heavily that you couldn't see out to the end of the harbour let alone Kowloon and I had to go back to my drafting. But for those ten minutes while it was there, I thought perhaps life isn't so bad.

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