Umbrellas and UFOs

I have a painting hanging behind my door in my office - it is a monster of a painting, 85cm by 120cm, every inch covered with a multi-coloured layer of acrylic paint. It is my second attempt at painting, ever.

The first painting I did was of an acorn. They were serving wine and no vegetarian food in the studio where we were painting and besides, I did not really know what to depict. That 30 minute handiwork sold at a charity auction for the high price of HKD1,600. This had the worrying effect of encouraging me to try my hand at painting again. The second time round I tried to be more 'artistic'.
"Are those UFOs?"
The boy at the art gallery asked when I paused to contemplate my work.
"They're water lily leaves, actually," I said.
"Oh," said the boy.
I was upset but carried on drinking and painting. I thought it would be more obvious what these objects were once I'd filled in the pattern of the leaves.

The managing partner of our office looked around my office this morning and saw the painting.
"Are those umbrellas?" he asked.
"They're water lilies, actually," I said.
"Oh, but you have rain here," he said, pointing to the edges of the painting where, in a Merlot-induced fit, I'd decided to do a pink and orange Jackson Pollack impression. They should really stop allowing budding artists to drink in that studio.
"Er, yes, but they're reflections in the water," I said, wondering whether I should tell him those marks were meant to be reeds. The old man shrugged.
"Better than any of my efforts, I'm sure," he said.


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