I feel pretty, oh so pretty...

Liddle Sis will kill me for revealing this, but it has to be done. Hey, it was when she was tiny so hopefully this is not going to traumatise her for life. Anyway, she still hasn't bought me a birthday present. So there.

She used to brush her hair while looking at herself in the mirror and say aloud, "I'm really so pretty." Every day.
Naturally, this was a cue for retching sounds and imitations of hanging oneself/strangling Liddle Sis from her older sisters, ultrabioman and me. But actually, we were just really in awe that she was so self-confident. And I guess it was also because all she was saying was stating the facts: she was a very pretty little girl.

I wish I could say that with as much confidence to my reflection, or something similarly loving at least upon waking and stumbling into the bathroom (that's where the one mirror I have is). Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever said that to my reflection.

I wonder if she still says it now (perhaps not aloud for fear of retribution from her flatmates)? May be I should start saying it to myself, even if I feel more like I am the last Mutant Ninja Turtle they left behind in the sewers than Miss Teen Idol, just to work up more self-confidence...

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