Gordon Gecko

E.'s boyfriend has been huffing and puffing about E. being "ridiculously" meticulous about keeping cereal in plastic containers. He's only been in Hong Kong for about four weeks.

This morning, when he opened the cereal box (the one he managed to get away from E.'s plastic containers), he found himself being stared at by a tiny gecko with large dark eyes that had been munching away at the cereal. He promptly went back to the bedroom to find E.
"E., there's a lizard in our cereal," he said to her.
"Is it a gecko?" E. asked as they went back to the kitchen. She picked up the cereal box to take a look, and relaxed. For a moment she had been worried she would find a cockroach inside. "Oh look, it's only a gecko, darling."
"What do we do with it?" asked Ashen-Faced.
"I think we should let it go," said E. She marched over to the door and lowered the cereal box to the tiled floor of the corridor. The little green gecko sped out, and ran with all its might down the corridor, out of sight. A-F watched this and said,
"I don't think I can have breakfast today."
E. smiled brightly. She could tell that in the future she would have no trouble with keeping the cereal in plastic containers.
"It's all right dear, we'll get bagels," she said.

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