X stands for the past

Today I finally found out what was making one of my friends go nuts. She had this really nasty affair with some bloke who didn't tell her he was engaged (i.e. getting married) and she has found out that the wife of this bloke is very likely to join her firm. She will probably end up having to be in daily contact with this lady.

In all likelihood, Mr. Unfaithful-as-Hell-Two-Timing-Nutter probably would not have told his wife about the affair. When I found out about this bloke's two-timing activities my initial reaction was to see if I could deploy some S.W.A.T. team to sort him out. I feel really sorry that my friend has to deal with this still. I hated having to be in the same building as my ex when I was back in London, so I can see how working with this woman will probably drive my friend up the wall.

One of the more crazy run-ins I've had with exes was when I found myself at a friend's birthday party sitting with one ex on my left and another ex's current girlfriend on my right (with that ex sitting next to her). Remember that scene when Hugh Grant's character sits down at the Table of Exes in 'Four Weddings and A Funeral'? It was much, much worse because it was in real life. Especially when the current girlfriend started talking about how the ex and she had met (it turned out they had first met when he was in Thailand, while he was going out with me. I always wondered why he had dumped me so abruptly). Scenarios like that are only funny in films. Our end of the table was rather subdued.

O all yea unseemly, my-eyes-will-crack-if-I-see-you-again type Exes, why can't you stay where you belong - in the past? We move countries and you still find ways to get under our skin.

Exorcism charm: "Lest we meet again, let us not be reborn in the same world"

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