"Hey you. Oh no, what time is it?"
"You're still in bed? It's ten o'clock."
You know you're in trouble when you are woken up by a phone call from someone who is 13 hours behind your time zone.

My brain has turned to mush. Will people stop telling me I look tired? The trainee who left at midnight (still three hours before me) laughed because every time I saw her, the Pavlovian response kicked in - I kept yawning into her face. The document I slaved over has only come back in my hands 20 minutes ago (how can it take 4 hours to format a document? I should've done it myself). In a fit of rebellion, I've redesigned my website (in under 20 minutes, ha!).

How do people work until the wee hours of the morning consistently? Do you evolve after a week into a cyborg that needs no sleep, air or sunshine? I took a walk around Central this lunchtime in the sun and I felt soooo much more alive. At least I got some sun, although not enough to start photosynthesis successfully.

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