It's all in the water

They had better start checking the reservoirs of New York City. It seems like the tap water's been doctored. I say this because M. has been to two engagements and one wedding in the space of two weekends. How can this be possible?
"Well, I guess they're all hitting thirty," M. says, referring to his friends. But since when did people start getting married because they hit the big three oh? I thought they stopped doing that during the nineteenth century. Or something.
"You'll be the same too, I'll bet, if you aren't married by then," M. says slyly. Uh, no. It's *still* several years away (the big three oh I mean) and I don't know if life will be the same then. Then I get an email from a married friend who casually drops in her letter that she is thinking of having sprogs. Oh no. I mean, kids are great and all that, but isn't that something you're meant to do when you're much older? Like when you can't rollerblade for fear of your knees or something...

I think the impact of having watched 'Freaky Friday' on the plane on the way to Seoul (ah the jetsetting lifestyle I lead...not) has affected my way of thinking. That and the week's worth of hassle at work. I feel like shouting 'Life is too short to be a wimp!' and running off to Bangladesh to have banana curry.

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