Mater for gold Mont blanc

We were in a boardroom tearing through a draft agreement when my phone rang (it was one of those meetings where for some reason you can have a 'group' discussion even if one member of the group is shouting at someone down the line in a corner). It was my mother.
"Uh, mum, hi,"
I said and looked around furtively, hoping no one would have noticed. Ha! Everyone was looking at me, including my partner and my client. I hobbled out of the room, turning orange, trailing a wake of sniggers and mutters of 'umbilical cord' and 'uncut'. It was particularly bad because as it was the people there were all middle-aged men. Aaaaarghh...

Not that I'm complaining (not too much anyway), mind. Were it not for my mother's trips to my hotel I would not have any clean clothes to wear (my original stay was to be for two nights), I would have missed out on several meals (I am munching on rice cake she brought me as well as the grapes and oranges) and I would not have my vitamin C tablets. So hooray for my mother for keeping me afloat in times of extensive sleep deprivation and malnutrition. If this deal ever signs (and there are a lot of people here praying for this to happen), it will be because of my mother since she is energetically sponsoring the drafting. We should invite her to the signing ceremony.

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