They try to clone me. But the clones don't speak Korean. Darn.

My partner in Hong Kong is back from his holidays. You can tell because he called me up when I was in the middle of a meeting this afternoon.
"Hi Jeong-A, how are you doing?"
"Hi, Mr. Partner-Where-The-Hell-Have-You-Been, why don't you ask me that later when I'm hospitalised."
"What's going on? Why is it just you? Do you need any help? I need to speak to Mr. Partner-Who-Dragged-You-In-To-Begin-With."
"Why don't you do that. I need to get back into the meeting."
"OK. Listen, I won't have you hospitalised, you hear me?"
"Yeah, boss (because if I were to be hospitalised, the other deal I was working on in Hong Kong would go haywire, you mean?)"

So out of the blue, I have not even one, but two willing (or not) helpers flying out on a drop-everything-you-were-doing-and-go-firefight-now basis. It's like Christmas came twice. Or so I thought. It has taken a full two hours to brief each person individually - yes, they had to take different flights, and they decided to come in separately. And this is without me explaining any of the Korean element of the deal. Oh God. Just let this be over. Please. Please. Please.

I will dream of snow and good coffee, walks in beautiful parks, great dinners with friends, fabulously aromatic wine, reading interesting books, and talking with M. about anything and everything other than work and how stressed/tired/bitchy I am. For a little while at least, while the clones take over some of the work.

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