My mum versus My dad

Dad: "So. It's been almost a year the two of you have been seeing each other."
Me: "Yes. Almost."
Dad: "Has he asked you to marry him yet?"
Me: "What? No. I mean, no. I mean, whaddya mean?"
Dad: "It's been almost a year and he hasn't asked you to marry him yet? What is the point of this relationship?"
Me: "Dad, it's not been that long. And anyway, it's not your concern. We'll get to that point whenever, you know?"
Dad: "Then are you two at least seeing each other with the intention of getting married?"
Me: "Yikes. Whaddya mean, Dad? Look, we'll get to that whenever. And anyway, why are you getting so het up about me getting married? I'm only XX years old."
Dad: "Only XX years old! You look around you, everyone is getting married and having children! What, are you two going to just be 'seeing each other' indefinitely?"
Me: "Really, Dad. Who said we were going to do that indefinitely? Come on. You can't just get married like that."
Dad: "Well, he hasn't asked."

This is the only printable part of the conversation. The rest turned rather ugly and we slammed the phone down on each other. I called my mum.

Me: "Mum, do you get upset if you think about me and M.?"
Mum: "No, well. You know, it just means that you won't ever live in Korea if you stay with him."
Me: "Mum, you know I never thought of doing that anyway."
Mum: "That's true."
Me: "Dad's upset. Why does he get so upset?"
Mum: "I don't know. Hold on. (To the land line phone) Hello? Yes, I'm hearing your daughter's side of the story right now. She's called me. I'll speak to you later. Hello?"
Me: "I'm here."
Mum: "That was your father. He sounds upset."
Me: "I know. We had an argument. He just doesn't really understand, Mum. Do you get upset about this too?"
Mum: "No. I mean, there's not much you can do about things right now, anyway, is there? It's not like you could get married right away even if you wanted to. So I think there's still time...But if someone else eligible wants to see you, would you agree to meet him?"
Me: "Mum! What are you talking about! You want me to go out on a blind date thingy?"
Mum: "Well you know, I think you shouldn't give up opportunities. You know."
Me: "Mum, you're just going nuts. There is no way I am going to allow you to give off the impression that I am single."
Mum: "(Laughs) I know, I know...."

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