Thoughts of a frustrated Van Gogh ... Not

My painting was delivered today.

Since finishing middle school at 13 I have not really had a chance to indulge in painting. I have always hankered after it though - I use drawing pads for my note taking, for example. I have books on how to paint watercolours. I have a full set of colouring pencils, charcoal pencils, pastels and watercolour pads, not one of which have been put to proper use. Then the wonderful world of ArtJam and acrylic paint struck me when I arrived in Hong Kong. Since then I have drawn on three separate canvases of 85 cm by 120 cm the following: an acorn (under which I wrote "From little acorns great things grow") which sold for HK$1,600 (I will never tire of bragging about this, honestly) amid fierce bidding at a charity auction, three waterlily leaves in a pond (for which I was offered HK$1,600 by E.M. but I declined her offer, preferring instead to hang it in my office) and a view of the sea.

This last painting is the one that was delivered today. I had my reservations about it - I remember being fairly frustrated while painting it. I changed the perspective twice and there was an ill-fated attempt to draw a palm tree - I know, I know, I should have thought about the composition before I started. Overall though, I decided the colours and the texture of the sea would be enough to cover the deficiencies of the painting. Naturally, I also thought that with some time I would possibly get used to it.

Well, it's sitting behind me now. And of course, the deficiencies are now more, not less, glaringly obvious to me. And everyone else.

E.M. came in to see the painting and immediately said, "What's wrong with the palm tree?", then she said, "It's not as good as the waterlilies." I feel the need to go to the Meli-Melo cafe and ask them for some green paint to smooth out the dratted palm tree. Or better still, some blue and white paint to drown it in the waves. Or maybe some of the gold and beige paint to cover it with the beach. Maybe I should blend in the waves a bit more. While I'm at it, maybe I should adjust the one or two waves that look like they could do with more foam on their crest. Or should I discard this one as a 'study'?

What's certain is that no one is going to offer HK$1,600 for this one. I think I'd better stick to my day job and remain a (frustrated) artist only in my imagination.

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