I am still in the mood to make lists of things. So I'm stuck in a rut, but so what?

The Rugby Sevens have come and gone. Thank goodness, now the traffic in Happy Valley is back to normal and there are no drunken Brits rolling around the streets wearing their rugby shirts.

It's been 3 years since I went to the event, but I am sure it is still the same.


1. There is someone who starts screaming "Who let the frogs out?" when the French play.
2. The three lads behind you think it's a good idea to piss into their pitchers of Red Bull and Vodka, then throw it into the crowd. Naturally, you are the only sober one (at this stage, anyway), so you manage to avoid the shower while others think it's a great reprieve from the heat of the sun.
3. A girl in a string bikini top thinks it's a fantastic idea to go crowd surfing up and down the South Stand. She appears in the headlines of the Apple Daily (local tabloid) the next day as the paragon of Laddette virtue.
4. At the end of the day you walk into the Heineken beer tent only to get your back rubbed down with meat pie during a food fight.
5. Your mate goes off to get six pints by himself, but it takes him an hour and he comes back with only three. He's drunk the other three while waiting in the queue to be let back into the South Stand.
6. Your boyfriend thinks it's a great idea to tear off all the signs that say 'The South Stand is Now Full' and post it to mates back in London as a souvenir.
7. You know some of your mates have slept with their sunglasses on for the entire weekend. They can't face the light in their current state, either.
8. You have seen at least four fights, two blokes have tried to grab your butt as you walked pass them with pitchers of beer, you yourself have thrown a pitcher of beer at your boyfriend for ogling the three sluts in bikinis sitting in front of you and at least three guys have given you their numbers without you asking.
9. You have been hugged by several people dressed as (a) a chicken, (b) a Scotsman (complete with bagpipe) (c) Barbara Streisand, respectively.
10. You start hallucinating that South Korea actually scored something against New Zealand/France/the brass band.

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