All for the sake of wiggling my toes

Last night as I was talking to M. on the phone, I realised there was something wrong with my left foot - more specifically, the toes on my left foot.
"I can't wiggle my toes on my left foot as much as my toes on my right," I said to M. "There's something wrong with my left foot."
M. laughed. He thinks I'm mad, anyway, you see. He said, "It's OK baby, I still love you even if you can't wiggle the toes on your left foot as much."
I frowned and tried to wiggle my left toes. They still wouldn't wiggle as much as the right ones. This could not be right. I believe in equality for all, including my toes.
"I'm going to see a doctor," I said.
"A doctor? What are you going to say to him?" M. asked, "You're going to tell him that you can't wiggle your toes on your left foot?"
"Yes," I said.
"He's going to think you're mad," M. said.

Well, the podiatrist did not think I was mad. He said I was in good time to stop the development of a bunion on my left foot. A bunion is a funny name for what it means - a strange malformation of your feet's bone structure so that you end up with an arrow-head shaped foot. It happens with women a lot because they wear heels and other instruments of torture.
"Wear soles inside your shoes - that will stop your feet from slipping," the doctor said. "If your feet slip inside your shoes, they have to lean to one side to keep the balance of your foot so you end up using the wrong muscles." He pressed the inside of my heels just under my ankles.
"Ow!" I shrieked. That had really hurt my left foot.
"The reason why your muscle there is so tense is because you aren't walking properly," he said. "But your right foot is obviously not slipping for some reason, because your right heel didn't hurt, did it?"
I tried walking with the in-soles inside my shoes. An uncomfortable twinge of pain was shooting up my left leg.
"Why does it hurt?" I asked, massaging my leg.
"You're using muscles that you haven't been using, and the ones you've been using are stretching out of their tense state so it is uncomfortable," said the doctor. "It'll get better. I'm going to give you some extra support for your toes too."
He made a mould of the space between my big toe and my second toe with pink silicon gel. I have to wear the lump of pink silicon with the in-soles, so I'm kind of moving slowly today. But if my left toes can wiggle again, as much as my right toes (afterall, what else are toes for but to wiggle?), it'll be worth it.

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