My career as a matchmaker

So far my success rate at being a matchmaker has been a measly 50 per cent. That's a 'C' in English schools ('A's are given for grades over 70 per cent.) so it is pretty dismal. Here is the transaction record for the two blind dates I have arranged so far:
- First blind date arranged by J-A -
Blind date recipient: lesbian friend, L.
Subject of blind date: lesbian friend, K.,  of younger sister of female colleague.
Setting: large group for dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Wanchai.
What happened: L. and K. were seated next to each other. L. knew K. had to be her blind date, because she knew everyone else. Unfortunately K. had no idea that L. was her blind date, and thought that J-A must be her blind date because she was being 'nice and friendly' to her.
Verdict: reputational ruin. L. found it dead funny. K. was mortified to realise J-A was not her blind date. J-A was mortified to hear that K. thought she was her blind date. J-A's boyfriend M. thinks that J-A should not try her hand at any more lesbian blind dates. Friends of J-A say "You're Korean, aren't you meant to be good at arranging blind dates?". What? What does that have to do with anything? In any event J-A is traumatised and lies in bed in the foetal position at night, ruminating on the possibility that K. was hitting on her.
- Second blind date arranged by J-A -
Blind date recipient: Chinese Sad Associate. Easy sale as she is very pretty, plays the cello and speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and English.
Subject of blind date: W., the boss of J-A's good friend, J. Easy sale as he is good-looking (if somewhat vain, a self-confessed 'metrosexual') and is boss of J.
Setting: large group for dinner at a Korean restaurant in Causeway Bay. 
What happened:  dinner was very pleasant and everyone was in high spirits afterwards. So we headed over to a bar in a hotel to have wine. Chinese Sad Associate and W. hit it off very well - W. offered to see her back to her place.
Verdict: resounding success. Chinese Sad Associate and W. have had three dates since and doing very well by all accounts. J-A expects the wedding invite anytime soon, or at least a piece of the cake. And if not, she will want to know why.
I suppose practice makes perfect. Anyone else want to sign up for my services?

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