Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Finally, I am in a calm environment. I am sitting in my living room, typing away after a dinner with friends in Manhattan and an incredibly hectic week which saw me close two deals in a day (this means I have closed four deals since starting work in April). The washing machine is on and M. will probably tumble home at some inordinately late hour after having been out with his friends.

It seems most of Manhattan have gone away in one fell swoop - we could have easily walked into any restaurant without a reservation. The traders and bankers had a half day. My deals closed at 1pm so I was left to sit under the sun with a box of pasta in Bowling Green during lunchtime. Even the usually crazy email stream - this week, I can safely say I had a minimum of one hundred emails per day - finally stopped at 4.40pm.

I can think about doing the rest of the laundry and vacuuming the flat tomorrow before going away to the southern tip of New Jersey, Cape May. I will stare at the ocean and smell the salty breeze. M. and I will wander around the beach, clasping our hands together, and maybe see some seagulls. We will sit in the sun. I can do nothing.

Then, as if three days were nothing but an accidental blip in the billing system, the holiday will be over and it will be Tuesday. I will be back in the office, no doubt to face more emails and documents. But until then, I will do nothing.

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