Ack, icky nuptials and the like

It is happening at last - my parents have booked a venue, we have set a date, I have paid the hotel an obscene amount of money and we have almost lift off! I say 'almost' because I don't have a dress, M. hasn't bought the rings yet (or has he?), we haven't worked out the guest list and no one has booked flights or days off work. I have been pondering about a number of things nevertheless:


1. It is highly likely that on the day I will look like a man in drag with my caked make up and oversprayed hair. I may not even recognise myself. Surely there must be a way to avoid looking like a mask wearing a souffle.

2. The amount we're spending on it could have been the down payment for a (tiny) home (definitely not anywhere near New York). Just thinking about it makes me shiver.

3. I will have probably all of two friends attending. M. will have none. The 300 odd guests are really my parents' and his parents' guests. I hope that at least both sets of parents think the wedding is a success.

4. Will M. understand what the master of the ceremony is talking about? His Korean can be shaky. Actually, I'll bet the older relatives are hard of hearing. Maybe we should do subtitles.

5. At least in Korea people give you money as a wedding gift, no questions asked. I only hope to break even.

Having said all that, I am still happy to be having a wedding. It's a good thing to be celebrating - being married to M. is the best thing ever and I was sorry at even the suggestion of not having some sort of celebration of our marriage. So I hope to get drunk afterwards on some excellent champagne with my two friends, M. and my sisters in honour of the event.

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