Stupid questions

Sometimes, the so-called dumb questions can be life-changing. For example, wouldn't your life be different if you knew the answer to questions that seem simple, such as "Which comes first - the chicken or the egg?" or "Is C-3PO gay?" or, more closer to home, "Why do some people become corporate finance lawyers and spend nearly all of their time in the office even though it makes them as miserable as sin?"

Now, I'm not a biological expert, so I'm not sure I can answer the first question re chicken-or-egg-first. The second one I may have a better shot at answering. So, is C-3PO gay? M. has come up with the following reasons why C-3PO must be gay:

1. He always hangs around R2-D2, who is clearly male.
2. He's a bit effeminate.

I don't think of R2-D2 as a gendered entity. I suspect R2-D2 has more in common with a pet amoeba than with a male or female friend. Granted, C-3PO is rather effeminate. He does afterall, have a tendency to be a scaredy-cat about everything and talks in that dodgy gushing way. But being effeminate is no indicator of gayness - Prince wears funny clothes but he married a beautiful chorus girl. Even if we assume R2-D2 is a male robot, we can't assume that an effeminate C-3PO hanging out with a male R2-D2 is automatically gay. There are people who are 'asexual' (as in, they don't feel interested in sex) and there are people who swing both ways, so to speak, and there are people who repress their inner gayness (and thus do not appear gay, although I'm not sure whether one should count these people in as part of the gay population nevertheless. Does one count non-practising Christians into the Christian congregation?). So my answer to the question is that C-3PO is not 'definitely' gay.

I will write a book* once I find out the answer to question number three. Right now I'm a bit at a loss.

*It will become an instant best-seller. I will emancipate thousands of corporate finance lawyers.

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