Early morning

So I went out for a night with the tiny number of girls outside of work that I know in New York. We drank copious amounts of champagne, wine and had our belly's fill of pasta, cheese and salmon. We laughed at ridiculous jokes, jokes that make no sense when you're sober but somehow are the funniest when you're tipsy, and we made insulting comments about each other's breasts (there are definitely among us some wannabe-lesbians).

I came home and washed the dishes. M. is still out with his friends in Heaven-knows-where, since his friends thought it suitable he should be having a night out with the lads about town. I finished cleaning the kitchen from the mess of dinner and sat down to rest my legs. The first thought that came to me was the one that had popped up in my mind earlier in the day: "I wish my friends from Hong Kong and London were here."

It's not that I am dismissing the friends I have made in New York. It's not that I regret moving to New York. It's just simply the fact that I miss my other friends.

Wherever you are tonight/today, I miss you and I hope things are going well for you.

I guess I should send sappy emails to my friends.

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E. McPan interviewed me later on in the afternoon. M. decided it was boring, I think - he walked off halfway through. I am surprised by how much I stutter and use filler ('er', 'um' etc.). But it was fun!

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