"So, this guy, he's a nice guy really, and I would date him if I could..." My friend starts up. She tweaks my curiousity with her opening line, but I break in.
"Wait, so is he good-looking? When was the last time he broke up with a girl?"
"Well, he's not that good-looking, but girls love him. He hasn't dated in a while."
While I certainly don't play the matchmaker often, I'm the sceptic, the ultimate snob and cynic when it comes to picking out men for blind dates with my girl friends. In my own personal life pre-M. I didn''t exercise such judgment, which resulted in many a tragi-comic relationship. For my girls, though, I turn into the Republican father (though perhaps not quite as WASPy).
"Where does he work? Is he intelligent?" I interrogate.
"He's smart, very sophisticated, really." My friend's voice is almost pleading.
On the one hand, it's a bit suspicious that the guy that 'girls love' hasn't been dating for a while. On the other hand, my friend is quite smart herself, so for her to say he is sophisticated counts in his favour.
"So? So? What do you say? Come on, comeoncomeoncomeon," she urges.
"OK," I relent. "But no expectations. And the initial communication is by email."

My girl, in turn, is also cautious.
"No expectations, right?" she emails me.
"No, of course," I email back. But if you guys get married, I'm matron of honour.

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