Look shot?

So the past couple of weeks at work have been pretty much a series of long days and tired nights. Yesterday as I was walking down the corridor the partner I work for passed me by, saying,
"Jeez, J-A, you look shot."
"Huh?" I stared back at him, instinctively clutching at my sweater front.
"I mean you look tired," he said, with a wave of his hand. Oh, I just thought I was bleeding, or something.

The last time he confused me was when he was questioning my decision to post something.
"What do you mean,you're going to post that letter?" He asked. I stared back at him, completely in a fog. He started laughing, as he said, "Do you mean, you're going to FedEx it?"
"Er, OK, I guess I'll FedEx it," I said. But what was the problem with posting it?

I see on the Today show that Jamie Oliver is in town. Maybe I should go up to the Rockefeller Center to talk to someone who at least won't question my idea of sending things by post and looking tired without appearing mortally wounded.

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