Wanted: lots of new braincells

Not content with having gone through a ceremony and after party in Seoul, M. and I threw a post-wedding party in New York last Saturday. A bunch of people came to my flat for the post-post-wedding party, at which M.'s friends spiked his Gatorade (M. was desperately trying to drink something non-alcoholic at this point) and two people were left lying on the living room carpet (they left cheery morning after photos on M.'s digital camera, we found out later). Needless to say, both M. and I were one of the many people in Manhattan who felt last Sunday was a tortuous exercise in hangover practice. You'd think that someone in our group of friends would have had the good sense to stop drinking after the first rosy tinted cheeks appeared in sight, right?

After such a weekend, it is no wonder that I have had a less than lacklustre start into my working week. I have just felt exhausted for the past couple of days. The two braincells that contained all my legal knowledge have been killed off and fluttered away from the top of my head like dandruff so it has been a real struggle to understand the simplest of concepts. A colleague of mine who had just come back from her younger brother's three day long wedding celebrations stopped by my office today.
"I just can't understand anything today. I'm just waiting for today to end so that I don't have to talk to anyone," she said.
"Join the club," I said.
"I feel like I'm getting stupider," she said. Well, she had a point - she may have possibly killed off her legal knowledge in the same way I had.
"I know what you mean," I said.
"I think I was more intelligent last week," she said.
"Same here," I said. You could tell we weren't increasing our intelligence any more by our conversation, either.

My very simple minded research on Google tells me my braincells will crank out some new cells to grow into neurons in about 30 days. Until then, it may be slow around here.

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