Control freak?

My sisters think I am a control freak. They come to this conclusion after many years of living with me, so I suppose you could say they think so with some amount of reliability. My dad says it is a form of industrial injury caused by my work. Unfair, I say. I just have highly enhanced organisational, proofreading and timing skills.

I don't know if M. thinks I'm a control freak. I think M. is more on top of some things than I am and vice versa. I know he thought of me as bridezilla during the pre-wedding phase. But then, he was the one who came back with a seven point email for the caterers (perhaps we deserve each other).

Would it qualify as being a control freak if you don't like to show your emotions to other people? I just saw an episode of 'Desperate Housewives' where Bree's mother-in-law questions Bree's lack of grief over her husband's death.
"You seem so cold," the mother-in-law said. "People wonder why you don't cry."
I found Bree's answer perfectly understandable.
"I just don't like showing my grief in public," Bree said.
I enjoy sharing my happiness with other people, but sadness seems something extremely private. I don't want to share it with others unless it's someone I know will be sympathetic, as opposed to pitying.

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