We're moving!

It is time for me to move my blog to a new forum - a place that allows me to be freer in my expressions without getting fired/killed by relatives/sued/whatever.

After almost three years of staying with Blogger (free), I still say it is one of the best tools around. For some reason I have decided to experiment with another tool, however, as I realise I want to continue blogging and would like to try out other things (photos, finally? who knows?).

Please leave your email address in the comments section below if you would like me to send you the link to my new blog - by leaving your email address I don't mean leave it in the blank space where every Jack and Jill can see it, I mean, please fill in the space in the form for the comment! Alternatively, if you have decided (as I almost did) that this is one blog flogged to death, it's time for adieu and so forth, and thanks for having read this blog. Oh, er, thanks to everyone who reads it (although I'm sure not everyone agrees with its content).

I think it is going to be exciting, and my first post is already up and running!

Looking forward to seeing most of you on the new site.

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